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Interest & Financial Calculators Our calculators are specialized for figuring accrued interest, earning rates, and future balances on savings and financial accounts -- while the formulas give a look behind the scenes. Savings account interest rates provides some details on the distribution of interest and getting better rates while interest offers explains some influences that affect these rates from institutions.

Simple Interest Calculator - Find the amount of simple interest earned on a deposit over a given period/term.

Calculate Simple Interest Rates - By taking such figures as the current balance [with accumulated interest] and the original deposit, find the rate of interest that has been accruing over the bearing period.

Compound Interest Calculator - Flexible with the frequency of compounding, this tool shows the greater amounts earned with compounding when compared with the simple interest bearing accounts.

Deposit on Future Balance - Simple Interest - Enter the target future balance, the rate of interest and time period that the funds will be invested to arrive at the current deposit amount needed.

Deposit on Future Balance - Compound Interest - Find the principal needed for growing to a desired balance by the compounding method.

Continuously Compounding Interest
Extends beyond the lengthier fixed periods of compounding.

Arrive at desired simple interest earnings and rates by hand with simple interest formulas.

Overview daily, monthly and quarterly compounding figures in compound interest formulas.

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