Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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High Interest Savings Rates of Yield, Online Savings Accounts

We provide these figures as a convenience to chart higher interest yields and rates on savings accounts, for online accounts that are made available to the public by lenders and savings institutions. Frequently requested characteristics normally of concern to the customer are fees and check writing ability. Which are listed however some of the more unique features to each can be found in the leading description.

, West Des Moines, IA, is not a typical savings account. SmartPig lets you set a savings goal and requires that deposits be made on a regular basis. The savings for purposes of withdrawal are then transferred to a debit card or one of a number of gift cards.

  Current Yield Min Deposit Service Fees Write Checks Date
  1.00% APY - 0 - balance none no 9.11.12

Yield based on $0 to $50,000 balance.

American Express Bank FSB
, Salt Lake City, UT, now offer a High Yield online savings account that is FDIC insured, daily compounding and no minimum deposit or fees with phone and online access to the account.

  Current Yield Min Deposit Service Fees Write Checks Date
  .90% APY - 0 - balance none no 9.08.12

EverBank, Jacksonville FL, states they are FDIC insured with 24/7 online access to accounts.

  Current Yield Min Deposit Service Fees Write Checks Date
  .76% $1,500 possibly

, Houston, TX, now offer an InterestPlus online savings account with also 10% bonus for interest earned on select accounts. FDIC insured. Accounts are opened for as little as $1 however without the stated level of interest.

  Current Yield Min Deposit Service Fees Write Checks Date
  .60% APY $1,000 balance none no 5.09.12

Note: all rates are those posted per company websites. Before entering into a savings relationship, be certain to check with each of the institutions directly for their own details so as to verify rates, terms, and fees. For example, even though there may no fees advertised, fees might apply when minimum balances are not met. The above is always subject to change.


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