Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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The Signature Card and Savings Accounts Explained:

When a customer goes to sign up for a new savings account, he or she is asked to place their signature on a card and help complete information that will identify them as the depositer in the future. The card may include the mothers maiden name, an occupation and date and place of birth.

The card is maintained in copy forms at branch offices. It is useful not only to verify signatures, on occasion, for persons writing and endorsing checks, but to open safe deposit boxes, in which case a signature from a bank employee is needed as a second signature. For businesses, authorized names appear on the card.

Savings Account Funds and Balances
  • Beginning Account Balance
  • Ending Balance of Account
  • Available Balance
  • Available Funds
  • Average Daily Balance
  • Anticipated Balance
  • Average Daily Float
  • Collected Balance
  • Average Collected Balance
  • Uncollected Funds
  • Reg CC/Expedited Funds Act
  • Check 21/Savings Transfers
  • Online Bills & Savings

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